Women and Hajj (FATWA)

Women and Hajj (FATWA)

The Question


What do the scholars of the religion say in the following issue:


Is it proper for a woman to go to Ḥajj or not?


The Answer


Regarding the obligation of Ḥajj, the ruling of the man and woman is the same. Whoever is capable of going, it is farḍ upon them, whether they be man or woman. Whoever does not perform it is deserving of hell’s punishment. The only additional aspect in the case of the woman is that for her to travel without taking along her husband or maḥram is ḥarām.


This condition is not only for Ḥajj. If she travels the distance of one day without a husband or maḥram, she will be a sinner. However, if she fulfills this obligation, then to go multiple times is still not proper because the more she remains in purdah, the better. In a Ḥadīth, it goes as far as the messenger of Allāh G saying to the mothers of the believers:


هذه ثم حصر البيوت

.This one Ḥajj is complete. After this are the mats of the house 

Moreover, this statement is of preference. It is not that a second Ḥajj is impermissible for a woman. The mother of believers, Ṣiddīqah J performed Ḥajj again after this.


Allāh E knows best.


Answered by:


Imām Aḥmad Raḍā Khān V

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

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