Shaykh Asad al-Qadiri

Born and raised in Maryland, USA, Shaykh Asad came across many types of people and many diverse communities. Amongst all of the problems he witnessed in these societies, he realized that the solution to it all was found in the glorious religion of Islām. As he grew and matured, he became motivated to go out and learn the religion in order to spread its message to those who needed it most but had no idea. Before even making the decision to acquire a formal education as an Islāmic Scholar, he would preach the teachings of Islām he had acquired through study of books and lectures of scholars and through this, he was able to have individuals leave their former religions to submit to the beautiful religion of Islām. For those who had already embraced Islām, he was able to give them training in basic issues of creed and jurisprudence. In a manner of love and wisdom, he would refute deviants and make manifest the true teachings of Islām.


After completion of High School, he made the decision to do anything required in order to study the teachings of Islām and eventually had the fortunate opportunity to study from the grandson of Sayyidunā Ṣadr al-Sharī`ah and the khalīfah of Sayyidunā Tāj al-Sharī`ah and Sayyidunā al-Muḥaddith al-Kabīr, Muftī Fayḍān al-Muṣṭafā Qādirī.


Along his way, he continued his work in spreading the teachings of Islām and continued to have people accept Islām on his hands. He completed his studies in Houston, Texas to become an `Ālim, Fāḍil and Qārī and stayed to acquire experience as the manager of a Da`wah project for a local Masjid. Upon his return to Maryland, he, along with his team, founded the Muslim Dreamers.

Currently, he spends his time serving the Muslim Dreamers movement and manages several other academic projects for any organization who seeks to sincerely serve Islām. He has been referred to as a machine of ideas by his own teacher and is truly a creative genius who seeks to serve the religion in innovative and appealing ways.


He has been bestowed ijāzah in Ḥadīth by the greatest expert in Ḥadīth of this era, al-Muḥaddith al-Kabīr and has been bestowed khilāfah by the grand Muftī of India, Muftī `Asjad Raḍā Khān al-Qādirī. He is also the representative of Jamā`ah Raḍā e Muṣṭafā in USA.




A commencement to the translation of Mufti Faizan ul Mustafa Qadiri's ongoing series in which he responds to objections made against the rulings of the renowned encyclopedia of Islam, Bahar-e-Shari`at


Fatawa Eid al-Adha


A collection of articles and answers to questions regarding the sacrifice and prayer offered by Muslims upon the arrival of `Eid al-‘Adha

Copy of al-hamdu-lil-mutawahhid (3840 × 2160 px) (1920 × 1080 px) (1000 × 400 px) (1)

All Praise is to The One and Only


A translation of a poem praising Allah written by Shaykh al-Islam Imam Ahmad Rada Khan

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