School Supply Assistance

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One of the many challenges faced in low-income homes is the approximate $1,000 guardians have to pay for their childrens’ school supplies. Long gone are the days in which students are expected only to show up to class with a notebook and a writing utensil. Today, in order to properly complete their school work and assignments, students are expected to have a laptop, a graphing calculator which can cost more than $100 and many more supplies which many parents and guardians struggle to afford. Those students who are not fortunate enough to have these supplies when they get to school often face much embarrassment. This, in result, may cause the student to turn their face from their studies in order to save themselves from the inferiority they feel when they see certain classmates coming to school with branded backpacks and all the supplies they saw their parents struggling to afford. Donate to this cause today to provide a struggling family brand-new school supplies to be able to go to school and keep their focus strictly on their learning.

Muslim Dreamers


Financial Aid Application

Muslim Dreamers is now offering Financial Aid so that no student is deprived of a chance to learn the sacred sciences of Islam. Students who have the desire to learn but cannot afford the payment can submit a form which will be reviewed for them to qualify for full or partial aid.