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The concept of Sadaqah Nafilah is something every Muslim should adapt as a daily practice to reap its many benefits. There are numerous narrations which tell the benefits of offering Sadaqah which include the removal of certain problems that we are likely to face throughout the day. Donations given with the intention of Sadaqah Nafilah will be carried out as general donations and Muslim Dreamers will ensure to use those funds for important causes in the way of Allah such as providing essential items for the needy and helping those who are less fortunate. One Prophetic narration states that, “Secret charity saves you from bad death and cools the anger of Allah Almighty.”

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Muslim Dreamers is now offering Financial Aid so that no student is deprived of a chance to learn the sacred sciences of Islam. Students who have the desire to learn but cannot afford the payment can submit a form which will be reviewed for them to qualify for full or partial aid.