Fund Islamic Scholarship

In the modern day era, one of the most promising developments we see is that there is a surge of people who seek to serve the deen full time. They desire to study Islam and dedicate all of their time for the service of the religion and community but are held back due to the lack of jobs and opportunities in this field which compensate them with a reasonable salary.

The scholars we contract need to be compensated for the time and efforts they dedicate to our projects. By making a contribution to this cause, you can play your part in funding the scholars who put endless time and effort in making new content for the seekers of knowledge.

We are starting full time Dars-e-Nizami classes in order to produce qualified Muslim scholars who will lead our community in the future. Funds given to this cause will be used as scholarships to pay the annual class fees of $3600 per student, which covers boarding.

You can set up a $300 monthly payment to fund one students education.

Muslim Dreamers


Financial Aid Application

Muslim Dreamers is now offering Financial Aid so that no student is deprived of a chance to learn the sacred sciences of Islam. Students who have the desire to learn but cannot afford the payment can submit a form which will be reviewed for them to qualify for full or partial aid.