Praying Behind a Person Who Shaves His Beard (FATWA)

The Question


A qārī has learned from the great city of Makkah and stayed there for a few years and taught but he cuts his beard. Are the five prayers and the Jumu’ah prayer permissible behind him?


Explain and be rewarded!


The Answer


To make someone who cuts his beard an imām is a sin and ṣalāh behind him is makrūh taḥrīmī. Hence, it is a sin to pray [behind him] and it is wājib to repeat it. Living and learning qir’ah in the great city of Makkah does not make a sinner a non-sinner.


Allāh E knows best


Answered by:

Imām Aḥmad Raḍā Khān V

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

Shaykh Abdul Samad is an orator who captures the attention of his audience and a writer with focus on contemporary issues.

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