Learn From Expert Scholars and Imams

Learn From Expert Scholars and Imams

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Muslim Learners strives to provide everyone an equal opportunity of learning and we will not allow financial issues to be a barrier in your learning. Feel absolutely comfortable to contact us regarding any course you are interested in and we will put a grant in your account so you can enroll in your course of choice!


Trusted by Hundreds of Students and Scholars

“Thank you Muslim Dreamers for providing us with such a blessed opportunity of studying the deen online. The teachers are very patient and have a unique method of teaching and explaining. They make it so easy to understand. I am looking forward to complete the rest of my studies with Muslim Dreamers. May Allah ta'ālā give Barkat in their time and resources Ameen ”
Abd Al-Mujeeb Al-Qaadiri
“What sparked my interest the first time was a course which aimed at preparing one for the Holy Month of Ramadan. It was superbly conducted, very informative and covered all the basics that one would need to be well prepared for the Holy Month of Ramadan.”
Abdul Musawwir
“The classes are interesting and well organized. I love how our lessons always go into detail so we learn as much as we possibly can about the topics. I also always feel comfortable to ask questions and always get good answers and have learned more in 2 weeks of taking class with you guys than I have learned in one year of taking class with past teachers.”
Rameen Talha
“Muslim Dreamers offers a variety of different courses to help educate the public. The courses are built to be completed at the students own time which I find very convenient being a busy person. I am a 23 year old college student who works a job as well so I find it very convenient in being in control of my own learning time. I can tailor the course around my schedule and I think others can benefit from that too. I recommend everyone to give these courses a try. I am positive that everyone who participates will surely learn something new.”
Abdul Ghani Amjadi

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Do You Want to Volunteer?

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Muslim Dreamers is now offering Financial Aid so that no student is deprived of a chance to learn the sacred sciences of Islam. Students who have the desire to learn but cannot afford the payment can submit a form which will be reviewed for them to qualify for full or partial aid.