Food Attained Through a Haram Source (FATWA)

Food Attained Through a Haram Source (FATWA)

The Question


Zaid requests `Amr to hold a gathering out of happiness and that he invites friends and relatives in the area. However, if some money used for the gathering was through bribery, theft or any other ḥarām action, or if some things were supplied through any ḥarām action and somebody becomes aware of one of the means, then what is the ruling of participating in the gathering?


The Answer


Whatever was brought to the gathering to consume, if that thing itself was stolen or attained through some ḥarām source, then to consume it is ḥarām for the individual who has that information. And if that thing is not ḥarām itself, rather it was purchased with any ḥarām wealth, then the correct position is that until the `aqd and naqd both do not come together on that ḥarām thing, then it will not be ḥarām. The example of `aqd and naqd coming together is that someone showed ḥarām money and said that in exchange of this [ḥarām money], give me that thing, and he gave it. This is `aqd occurring upon ḥarām. Then, he gave that same money in the value of that thing, this is naqd upon ḥarām. If it is bought this way, then that thing will also be ḥarām. Otherwise, it will not, but to avoid it is preferred and better. Allāh knows best.


Answered by:


Muftī Amjad `Alī al-A`ẓamī V

Shaykh Salman al-Nuri

Shaykh Salman al-Nuri

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