Caring for Dependents (FATWA)​

Caring for Dependents (FATWA)

The Question


What do the scholars of the religion say regarding the following:


The individual who gives nothing to his mother and sister despite them being widowed, orphaned, and bearing hardships.


Furthermore, in this situation, if Zayd (aforementioned individual) is ṣāḥib al-niṣāb and offers zakāt and ṣadaqah, will it be accepted or not?


Also, what is the ruling in the respected sharī`ah regarding Zayd? 


Explain and be rewarded!


The Answer


If Zayd’s mother has no way to earn a living, then her expenses are farḍ on Zayd. Likewise, not giving to the orphaned sister who has not gotten married nor has any wealth is a means of great sin upon him. It has been stated in a ḥadīth:


كفى بالمرء اثماً أن يضيع من يقوت

It is enough sin for the man to neglect who depends [on him].


As for zakāt, he cannot give it to the mother. He shall give it to the sister and serve the mother on his own [wealth].


Allāh E knows best.

Answered by:

Imām Aḥmad Raḍā Khān V

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

Shaykh Abdul Samad al-Qadiri

Shaykh Abdul Samad is an orator who captures the attention of his audience and a writer with focus on contemporary issues.

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